The Cabinetmaker's Workshop

These are some pictures from my grandfather's workshop, in Alsace. Sadly, most of it now decays slowly...
IMG_2005.jpg: 500x500, 207k IMG_2007.jpg: 500x750, 243k IMG_2008.jpg: 500x750, 269k IMG_2009.jpg: 500x750, 265k IMG_2010.jpg: 500x500, 156k IMG_2013.jpg: 500x750, 219k IMG_2015.jpg: 500x750, 234k IMG_2027.jpg: 500x750, 382k IMG_2032.jpg: 750x500, 248k IMG_2040.jpg: 750x750, 152k IMG_2046.jpg: 750x500, 349k IMG_2055.jpg: 500x500, 221k IMG_2069.jpg: 750x500, 317k IMG_2074.jpg: 500x750, 330k IMG_2076.jpg: 750x500, 276k IMG_2086.jpg: 750x500, 358k IMG_2089.jpg: 500x750, 373k IMG_2092.jpg: 750x500, 380k IMG_2093.jpg: 500x750, 352k IMG_2095.jpg: 500x500, 198k IMG_2096.jpg: 750x500, 403k IMG_2100.jpg: 750x500, 304k IMG_2103.jpg: 500x750, 492k IMG_2109.jpg: 500x500, 314k IMG_2111.jpg: 750x500, 350k IMG_2118.jpg: 750x500, 357k IMG_2119.jpg: 500x500, 222k IMG_2120.jpg: 500x500, 206k IMG_2121.jpg: 500x500, 107k IMG_2124.jpg: 500x500, 85k IMG_2141.jpg: 750x500, 207k scan0059s.jpg: 750x500, 100k scan0086.jpg: 750x500, 151k